Researchers have constantly warned that blue light is bad for the eyes and for your health. There are reports that blue light from screens can hinder your sleep. This is worse when you are reading in the dark. Reading the tiny prints of paperbacks strained my eyes but the moment I got my first e-reader I realized I was going to face a new and peculiar problem. That problem was dealing with blue light emissions of digital screens.

Well, it appears many manufacturers of digital readers are aware of this problem and are doing everything they can to take care of it. CLEARink, for example, is working on a new technology that will serve as an alternative to LED and E Ink lighting on digital displays. As far as I know, they have made significant progress on that project.

Several e-readers come with several options that allow users to adjust different display parameters for more efficient reading. Inkbook and Clara HD are two e-readers that I found that have made great efforts to eliminate blue light.

How The Clara HD Takes Care Of Blue Light?

The Clara HD deals with blue light using the ComfortLight Pro technology which comes with all the Kobo e-readers. The blue light filter tracks the time of the day based on your time zone and adjusts blue light emission at night. You will notice that your screen becomes more orange at night.

Not All Readers Have Blue Light Filter

Sadly, not all e-readers have a blue light filter. If you are using the Inbook or any other e-reader that runs on Android operating system, you can install a third-party app that will confer this functionality to your e-reader. One of the favorite blue light filtering apps is Twilight. You can also schedule your blue light filter to turn on automatically.