The Comparative Advantage Of Ebook Reader Over Traditional Reading

Environmentalists will easily pitch ebook readers of traditional paper and ink because of the potential of the former to lower the carbon footprint. However, that is not the only advantage that ebook reader has over traditional paper and ink. There is hardly any area of our lives that has not been affected by technology and ebook readers are changing our reading culture.

Ebook readers have a number of advantages like ease of scrolling against flipping pages which can distort the flow of reading, you can easily share your book with your friends without losing your own copy, and when you don’t feel like reading, you can synchronize with audiobooks and listen to your favorite books. These features were lacking before the coming of ebook readers.

The advent of digital readers has given people, particularly those in developing countries, access to more books than they could ever have in print. I also observed that the fascination of digital readers has turned non-readers into readers as they struggle to catch up with the fast-paced digital trend. The most compelling comparative advantage of ebook reader over traditional readers includes;

Reducing Luggage Bulk During Travels

Avid travelers know that you pay a surcharge when you luggage exceeds a certain weight. I struggled a lot with carrying all my favorite titles whenever I traveled—but end up leaving some behind. It was a painful experience particularly because many popular titles are very heavy. When I got my first ebook reader I had the opportunity to carry all my books along whenever I am traveling. I also have more space for other personal belongings.

Freeing Up Storage Space

I buy as much as three to four books per week. I have a shelf in my room where I keep the books. Over the years I have had to expand that shelf because it was full. This also meant taking up more space in the room. With my new digital reader, my shelf is in my phone. I also have the option of backing up my books on the cloud. I have lost some of my hard books in the past to fire, rodent, and water. Storing books digitally always feel safer than on the shelf because you can keep more than one digital copy in different locations and have a backup in case you lose one of your storage devices. This is obviously very difficult with traditional reading.

Saving On Books

When the global financial crisis happened, I was forced to stop buying books for a long time. Even when the economic crisis ended, I realized how important it was to save. So, I now have a specific budget for books every month. Some digital books are almost ten times cheaper than the traditional books owing to the higher production cost in the latter. Notwithstanding that my budget is slimmer I get more books than I normally would.

Planning Reading List

Barnes and Noble was in close proximity to my house so I could easily walk in and buy any book I want. it was easy for me to budget which book I want to read this week and the next. When I traveled to East Africa, I had to rely on freight services to deliver my books. I will place the order and sometimes it takes up to two weeks for my book to be delivered. It made it hard for me to plan my reading list. Since I got my ebook reader, my purchase is delivered instantaneously making it easier for me to plan my reading list.


WhenI was younger I could read tiny prints from a reasonable distance. Now, I will have to squint to see texts of the same size. The problem with traditional prints is that publishers usually have a standard formatting for their books. With my ebook reader, I don’t have this problem anymore because I can easily adjust the font to a size that I won’t have to strain my eyes.

In truth, I sometimes miss that feeling of having a real book in my arms. I also miss that smell of books. But I think the reading experience is nearly the same—maybe better—with an ebook reader.

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