I have no regret switching my reading preference from ink and paper to e-readers. I have gained more from using e-readers compared to when I bought only paperbacks. The greatest impact is on my budget as well as my ability to purchase more books—and read more too.

Like many e-reader users, I also faced a difficult challenge of reading in the night as well as when the sun is too bright. My eyes either get dry or too wet. Many e-readers like the Kobo Clara HD and the Amazon Kindle Oasis has done a lot to get it right with a handful of customizable options but the problem still persists to some degree.

From all indications, the inkbook Explore is about to change that. Not only does it have a great frontlight, but it also makes reading in the dark easier by giving the users the ability to adjust the light color temperature to match that of the surrounding to ease the pressure on the eyes.

Other Features Of The Inkbook Explore

The Inkbook is a product of Arta Tech. The device runs on Android 4.4.4 which means users can download and install their favorite apps from any app store. It has a 7.8 E Ink Carta display. The screen resolution is 1872 x 1404 with 300 PPI.

The device is one of the few e-readers in the market that has USB-C. Talking about memory and storage, the device comes with 8GB internal storage expandable using a micro SD to 32GB. This means more space for your favorite titles. The Inkbook Explore also has an improved battery of 3,000 mAh compared to the predecessors with had only 2,800 mAh.

The availability of Bluetooth means users can install any audiobook app of their choice and listen at any time. This device is available for $189 which is pretty affordable compared to Kindle Oasis and Clara HD.